Finding the right beauty suppliers is hard

Let us do the work for you

Connecting Buyers with Suppliers


Services to Help Your
Business Drive Success

Large List of Beauty Suppliers and Distributors

Network of Top Beauty Suppliers

With access to the top beauty suppliers in the world, we'll make sure we find you the right fit for your businesses needs.

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Deal Negotiation for Retail Businesses

Deal Negotiation

Stop paying too much for your products. We negotiate every deal with your business in mind. Increasing margins, while staying in your budget.

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Provide Logistics Services to Retailers


We partner with the top logistics companies to make sure your product arrives in a timely and safe matter. Our contacts in this area allows us to provide a lower cost with proven providers.

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How it works

Sourcing Instructions for Retailers

Sourcing Requirements

Tell us what type of beauty products, and brands you are looking to source. Any other important details, including budget and timeline will be discussed at this stage.

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Supplier Selection for Retail Businesses

Supplier Selection & Quotes

We select the best suppliers based on your individual needs. No hidden deals with a specific supplier. Access all of your quotes with your PCB Trading Account.

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Fee and Deal Agreements for Businesses

Fee and Deal Agreements

Decide what quotes and what deal sizes work best for you. Our fee is based on the value of your goods. There are no upfront fees to receive quotes and discuss options.

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Payment Terms for Businesses


The ordering process starts once the deal has been confirmed. Through our services, you now have access to the best beauty suppliers. No more managing contacts and relationships.

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Order Shipment Terms for Businesses

Order Shipment

Once the supplier has confirmed payment, and our fee has been received, your order will be shipped. We can use our logistics partners to help you save on costs.

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Your Products Arrive at the Destination

Receive Your Goods

Once you receive your goods, our logistics partners can make sure your goods are ready for sale. Our partners work with all kinds of retailers, including online retailers.

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About us

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After operating multiple e-commerce ventures, we know how hard a retail business can be.

Whether that's a one person shop selling on online marketplaces, or a large brick and mortar store.

Each come with their own challenges. What challenge does each of these models have in common?

Finding and maintaining good supplier relationships.

We started PCB Trading to help retailers break free from the endless search of finding reliable suppliers.

We've built and will continue to build an expansive network of beauty suppliers.

We're proud to offer these services to select clients, and take pride in being a small part of their success.

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